Take control.

Type with only one hand. Use your mouse and keyboard simultaneously. Never have to look at your keyboard while typing again. Take control of your computer with the BAT one handed keyboard.
chart Efficient
Type with one hand and never look at your keyboard again.
book Documentation
Includes a full manual and interactive reference guide.
clock Support
We're open 5 days a week; contact us for assistance!
lightbulb Disability Friendly
The BAT is excellent for people who can only use one hand
wrench For both right and left
We sell BATs for both hands; you can even use two BATs at once!
Infogrip's BAT Keyboard is a one-handed, compact and ergonomic input device that replicates all the functions of a full-size keyboard, but with greater efficiency and convenience.

The BAT is easy to learn and use. Letters, numbers, commands and macros are simple key combinations, "chords," that you can master in no time.

Best of all, the BAT's unique ergonomic design reduces hand strain and fatigue for greater comfort and productivity.

Our one handed keyboard is proven to increase productivity when used with graphic or desktop publishing software.

The BAT is the ultimate typing solution for persons with physical or visual impairments.

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